Capture Petersfield's Eco Spirit: Join the Photography Competition!

Petersfield is a town that thrives on community, nature and sustainability. To celebrate and promote these values, Visit Petersfield and PeCAN are thrilled to announce a photography competition.

We invite you to capture the essence of Petersfield’s dedication to helping nature and mitigating climate change. Here’s your chance to showcase your photographic talents and win exciting prizes while contributing to a greener future.

The competition is centered around the themes of this year’s Eco Fair, to be held on Petersfield Heath on Sunday, 14th July. Each theme highlights a crucial aspect of environmental stewardship and offers a unique perspective for your photos.

Below are some tips for each theme to help you out:

Nature – Restoring and Increasing Biodiversity

  • Idea: Capture the lush greenery and diverse wildlife in Petersfield. Think about vibrant wildflowers, serene woodlands, or even the insects that contribute to our ecosystem. Aim for photos that show nature thriving due to conservation efforts.

Low Waste Living – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Idea: Showcase creative ways the Petersfield community minimises waste. This could be a local market stall selling package-free goods or inventive upcycled products.

Travel – Active Travel and Public Transport

  • Idea: Document the ways people in Petersfield are reducing their carbon footprint through active travel. Capture cyclists, walkers, and public transport in use around town.

Energy – Renewable Home and Community Energy

  • Idea: Highlight renewable energy solutions in Petersfield. This could include solar panels on homes or community energy projects.

Community – Local Resilience to Climate Change

  • Idea: Capture the strength of Petersfield’s community initiatives aimed at climate resilience. This might be a community garden, a local eco-friendly event, or volunteers working together.

Who Can Enter?

The competition is open to all, with categories for different age groups:

  • Adult – Over 18s
  • Youth – 11-18 years
  • Junior – Under 11s

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional photographer, your perspective is welcome!


A prize will be awarded to the winning entry in each category and the winning images will be displayed at Petersfield Eco Fair on Sunday 14th July and on both PeCAN and Visit Petersfield websites.

If you’d like to find out more and participate, visit PeCAN’s website for more information and terms & conditions.

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