Biophilia at Gilbert White’s House and Gardens


09 Apr 2024 - 23 Jun 2024


All Day

The installation of work by local artist Jacqueline Amies has taken inspiration from the writings of Gilbert White (1720- 1793). Over the past year regular visits to The Wakes in Selborne have been made and time has been spent in the gardens ‘watching narrowly’, observing both the seasonal changes of the surroundings, along with studying the interactions of insects and wildlife that exist within the gardens mixed habitats and the meadow.Alongside the garden visits, Amies has walked many of the areas in and around Selborne that were familiar to White and mentioned in his book ‘The Natural History of Selborne’. Whilst walking and taking the time to slow down and observe discoveries have been made of wild orchids at Noar Hill, rare birds on Shortheath Common and insects in Selborne.

Price: Free with Admission

The event is ongoing.

Gilbert White's House & Gardens


Gilbert White's House & Gardens
The Hight Street, Selborne, Hampshire, GU34 3JH