Tons of Money


18 - 20 Apr 2024


7:30 pm
The 1920’s saw the birth of the famous Aldwych farces which had audiences rolling in the aisles with laughter. In the 1980s that master of modern comedy, Alan Ayckbourn, cleverly adapted this classic, hilarious, fast moving comedy for modern-day audiences.
The story revolves around, Aubrey, an unsuccessful inventor, who inherits a life interest in a fortune that, in the event of his death, reverts to his cousin George. Since George is thought to have died in Mexico, a plan is hatched by his wife Louise with the brilliant idea of Aubrey “dying” so that he can resurrect himself as George and avoid paying his enormous debts.
As with most farces, the cast of ten eccentric characters spend much of their time dashing in and out of the sitting room through double doors and French Windows. There is the slightly dotty Aunt Benito, who is always in search of her knitting and Giles the gruff gardener, who is forever popping in and out from the garden via the French Windows. Sprules the dodgy butler, his brother Henry and the parlour maid, Simpson, use their special sign language to create chaos. On top of this, Jean, a friend of Aubrey and Louise, arrives to stay and adds more confusion by having some sort of connection to anyone named George.
Meantime, Chesterman, a solicitor, manfully tries to unravel the estate when yet another man enters the scene. Could he be the real George?
Confused? You won’t be if you come along to see how all this mayhem unfolds and have a jolly good laugh along the way!

The event is finished.



Petersfield Festival Hall
Festival Hall, Heath Rd, Petersfield GU31 4EA