Stargazing in and around Petersfield

On Tuesday 1st August we will be able to see a full Sturgeon Moon light up the night sky. Here are a few places in and around Petersfield you can experience this spectacular force of nature!

But first, some more details about this wonderful event.

Sometimes going by its more common name the “Supermoon”, this moon will be so special and amazing to watch as it’s 16% bigger than normal, as well as being fantastically brighter in the night sky. Here are a few places in and around town where you can sit back and enjoy the view.

The sun will be setting at around 20.50PM on Tuesday 1st August 2023.

Butser Hill

Probably one of the most common local spots among the astrology community, Butser Hill is perfect! With the lack of light pollution from street lights and buildings, the night sky truly comes alive and reveals things you just can’t see from down below. Butser Hill is under a ten minute drive from Petersfield, down the A3 towards Portsmouth. With accessible parking at the peak, facilities and a plethora of benches, paths and spots to admire the view it’s a brilliant choice. Why not bundle up and get outside to enjoy this unique sight.

Some tips for a great night:

  • Wrap up warm – yes it is summer but it can get a little nippy once the sun has set and you will want to be comfortable whilst enjoying the view. Make sure to layer up your clothing and maybe even bring a cosy blanket with you.
  • Bring some equipment – it may sound silly but looking up for a long time can be tiring on the body. Why not ensure you will be comfortable by bringing a picnic blanket or foldable chairs with you to find a spot.
  • Food and drink – you may get carried away and end up watching for hours! Why not prepare for this just in case… pack some water bottles, snacks or maybe even treat yourself to a thermos of hot chocolate.
  • Bring a torch or light source – despite you trying to find a dark place to view the moon it is always important to bring a torch with you to help you in finding and leaving that spot.
  • Be safe – enjoy your night to the fullest but make sure to stay safe, if you are going alone or in a small group, always tell someone where you are going and keep an eye on your surroundings.

Local parks and green spaces

Just one of the many reasons Petersfield is so wonderful is all the open green space and parks we have scattered throughout town. Not only are these great for the kids to play but for events like this one. Most parks have limited lighting and pollution from houses nearby. This makes them perfect for stargazing and admiring. To see some of the options Petersfield has check out some of our previous blogs…

Local Getaways

Not only is Petersfield surrounded by the stunning rolling hills of the South Downs, but is near the lodges and campsites nestled within them. Why not turn this natural wonder into a mini getaway by staying at some of the gorgeous sites such as Upper Parsonage Farm, Barrow Hill Barns, Cedar Valley. You can see other options on our “where to stay page” if these aren’t what you were looking for.

If you want to see more of what Petersfield has to offer, head to our website below! 

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