Tips for Travel Photography in Hampshire

Are you interested in travel photography? Perhaps you’re a budding photographer and you want to explore taking more professional photos while you’re visiting new places?

So, you love travelling. Visiting new places and discovering new things are wonderful ways to make memories, but how are you capturing those? At Visit Petersfield – we are passionate about both the architectural and natural beauty in and around our town. There’s lots of rich history and stunning locations that are extremely worthy of capturing on camera.

But perhaps you want to up your travel photography game and really make the most of visiting such beautiful places in Hampshire? Visit Petersfield have spoken to Tina Knowles, local professional photographer and tutor, so she can share her tips on taking photos when you’re out and about visiting new places! She has also shared a couple of her sought after secret photo spots in Petersfield – read to the end to find out her suggestions!

Also – check out Tina’s website here:

Hi Tina, thanks so much for agreeing to chat to us today! We’re going to jump straight in and ask you your favourite tip for travel photography, or taking photos while on holiday:

What is your favourite tip for travel photography, or taking photos while on holiday?

Enjoy the view first and foremost!! Drink it in, take a walk around BEFORE you start to take any photos. Then, take the first photo you wanted to, that burning image you just had to take? Take it. Get it out of your system so you can then stop, take a breath and really LOOK! Ask yourself, how can I make that last image better?

Do you have any tips for composing an image?

Place the main subject off-centre within your frame. Find a line (natural, manmade, straight or curved) that would make a nice ‘pathway’ into your image. Shoot ‘through’ something, like a porthole, or leaves on a tree, so that they soften the edges of your image or frame it.


How to spot things that will make for a good photo? 

Keep your eyes peeled. Look up and look back the way you have just travelled as you’ll then see things from a different perspective.  Pretend you are an alien, seeing things for the first time! It sounds weird but it helps you to ‘see’ in a slightly different way.

Do you have any tips for photographing friends and family on holiday?

Yes, wherever possible put them in a shady spot. Out of the sun. This way they’ll have nice even lighting on their face. Doorways make great places, framing and nice light all in one shot. Put them to one side of that special monument (refer back to my first tip of off centre placement of your subject) to create a ‘story’.


What are good backgrounds for portrait photos?

Backgrounds can either be a distraction (in which case make sure there is plenty of distance between your subject and the background if possible) OR, if it’s interesting, make it part of your photo story. Just remember to check that a lampost/tree etc. isn’t sticking out of someone’s head!

Where are your favourite spots in and around Petersfield/Hampshire for travel/lifestyle photography? 

I like to pretend I am a tourist in my own town. I pretend I have never been here before so I can see it with a fresh sense of wonder. The Square has infinite possibilities as does St Peter’s Church and the grounds are worth a visit with your camera, then wonder over to Gillie G’s (gorgeous steps and railings) at the top of the beautiful Sheep Street. Both have fabulous architectural details, and sweeping lines.  Again look up! Above the estate agents on the square you can see the remain of the Corn Exchange as was. The Natwest bank is an Italian Roccoco facade that caused a rumpus when it was first built and has incredible details all the way to the top! I run photowalks with Petersfield Museum where I can discuss the town’s history with photo tips too!

Further afield, Buriton, Butser Hill, QE Country Park and Winchester Hill provide stunning vistas and the walk is worth it (you can also drive up there!) I have a soft spot for architecture and I am always drawn to churches and beautiful buildings, so a visit to the ‘Church in the Field’ is a must (St Huberts at Finchdean), Terwick Church (Woolbeding) is famous for its Lupin display in the summer. Remember we have plenty of coastline too!

Petersfield and the surrounding Hampshire Countryside is awash with photo opportunities. I would need many pages to wax lyrical about them all here! I recommend popping into the local One Tree Book Shop to pick up a guide to Hampshire, and when you are done taking your photos, have them printed by Petersfield Photographic (on Lavant Street.) just two doors down, both provide friendly expert customer service 

I love teaching photography and can offer one to one and small group outings, with regular lessons or just the occasional one or two lessons to refresh your skills, so do get in touch if you would like more information. 

My photography teaching website is


Thank you Tina for the incredible advice. There’s not much more to say except that we hope you enjoy taking photographs in the local area! Remember to send in your photos – we may even feature them on our page!

(All photographs by Tina Knowles)