Why do people love Petersfield?

Nestled in the heart of Hampshire, Petersfield boasts an abundance of reasons to adore it. From quaint cafes to historic landmarks, every person has their own reason as to why they love it here. So what are those reasons? We asked you why you like Petersfield and this is what we found out.

“It has the perfect combination of everything, the walks are beautiful and you can’t beat the local shops and cafes.” – Kerry D

We couldn’t agree more! Petersfield offers picturesque walks amidst beautiful landscapes and vibrant local shops and cafes. These aren’t just places to grab a bite or essentials; they’re hubs of community connection. It’s this seamless blend of natural beauty and a lively local scene that makes Petersfield a cherished place for all. Discover our local shops and cafes here.

“It’s got to be the stunning buildings.” – @margos_petersfield

The architecture truly adds charm and character to our town, making even a simple trip to the shops feel like a journey through history and beauty. Each building has its own unique story, and together they bring our town to life in the most captivating way. Find out more about the history of Petersfield here.

“The beautiful square.” – @hampshiredermalaesthetics

The square truly is a gem in Petersfield. Not only is it visually stunning with its charming architecture and vibrant atmosphere, but it’s also the heart of our community. The weekly markets, brimming with local produce and bustling with friendly faces, infuse the square with a sense of warmth and vitality. Find out times and dates for the markets here.

“I love the community Petersfield has, the festivals are a family favourite!”- Chloe K

The community in Petersfield really is something special and we love that this town can bring people together through community events like the festivals. It’s a great time for local businesses and talent to promote what they do, especially if they don’t have a physical store front. Look out for events on our What’s On Page.

“Everything! It has all that you need!” – @wilson.hill

Absolutely! Petersfield offers something to everyone at every turn. Whether it’s the convenience of local amenities, the tranquillity of nature’s embrace, or the warmth of community spirit, our town has a way of fulfilling every need and desire.

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